Concrete Protocol Waitlist free airdrop $7.5 million in funding raised


👉We are excited to unveil Blueprint Finance and its bold mission to reshape on-chain credit and debt management. Backed by influential investors including Hashed, Tribe Capital, and Portal Ventures, Blueprint Finance introduces its flagship product, the Concrete Protocol.

💥Join the waitlist now to be part of the future of decentralized finance And Get a Free Airdrop!

👉Designed specifically for on-chain debt and credit, Concrete Protocol offers higher yields, robust liquidation protection, and cutting-edge predictive capabilities across various DeFi sectors, starting with money markets.

How to join Waitlist Step by step instrucitons:

Step 1:

👉Enter Your Gmail 
👉Click Next

Step 2:

👉 Connect your wallet
👉Verify your wallet 
👉Sign the Metamask Transaction 
👉Click Im not a Robot 
👉Click Submit

Step 3:

🎉You’ll get 85 Points as sign Up Points 
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