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 Are you looking for an easy and fun way to earn some extra cash online? Look no further! adBTC offers you the opportunity to make money by simply viewing ads, surfing the web, and promoting your own webpage. It's as easy as it sounds, and here's how you can get started.

👉 Earn Satoshi or ₽ (Russian Rubles) by Surfing/Autosurfing/Shortlinks 👈

adBTC rewards you for your time spent viewing ads. Whether you choose to manually surf or use the autosurfing feature, you'll earn satoshis or ₽ while browsing. The shortlinks also offer a quick way to earn some extra rewards. It's effortless and enjoyable!

🌐 Promote Your Webpage and Get More Visitors 🌐

Do you have a website or webpage that needs more traffic? adBTC has got you covered! For just 5000 Satoshis per 1000 unique views, you can attract real visitors to your webpage. More visitors mean more potential customers or readers for your content. It's a win-win situation!

📣 Share Your Referral Link and Earn Even More 📣

adBTC offers a fantastic referral program that rewards you for bringing in new users. You'll earn 10% of your referral's surfing earnings and 5% from their advertisement spendings. Share your referral link with friends, family, or anyone interested in making money online!

💰 Minimum Withdrawal Amount 💰

When it's time to cash out your earnings, adBTC ensures it's easy and accessible. The minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows:

- Any Bitcoin address: 50000 Satoshis

- FaucetPay: 500 Satoshis

- WBTC (Polygon): 5000 Satoshis

📈 Increase Your Earnings with a Higher Rating 📈

The site introduces a rating system that allows you to earn more based on your activity and engagement. Advertisers can filter visitors in surfing by rating, making it possible to display links only to users with a certain rating or higher. The higher your rating, the more you can earn!

🎯 Target REAL Bitcoin Users as an Advertiser 🎯

If you're an advertiser, adBTC lets you reach a real audience of Bitcoin users. With CPC starting from just 2 Satoshis, it's an effective and affordable way to promote your products or services.

🤝 Join Now and Start Earning! 🤝

Ready to start earning money for simply viewing ads and surfing the web? Head over to adBTC and sign up for free. Whether you're a casual earner or a dedicated promoter, there's an opportunity for everyone to make some extra Bitcoin or ₽. Don't forget to take advantage of the referral program to maximize your earnings!

👉 Join now 👈

Remember, the more active you are, the more you can earn on this platform. So, why wait? Start earning with adBTC today! 💸

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