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🤔 Are you ready to turn your URLs into a money-making machine? Look no further! Introducing the most powerful URL shortener that lets you earn money from every single click! 

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💸 Shortening URLs has never been easier – it only takes 2 minutes to get started! Sign up for an account in just one minute, shorten URLs, and share your links everywhere. And guess what? You'll be paid from every view on your URLs! 

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The ouo.io referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life!

💰 Highest Payouts in Tier 2 & 3 Countries!

We take pride in offering the highest rates for our users, especially in Tier 2 & 3 countries. Every view counts, even if it's from the same viewer, so you can maximize your earnings like never before! 

💡 Enjoy Unbeatable Benefits to Skyrocket Your Earnings!

We're all about giving back to our users, and here's how:

✅ Zero Fees - 100% Income to You! Forget about pesky fees! We handle everything, and you receive 100% of your income through PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, or Bitcoin. No payment gateway fees, period.

✅ Enhanced User Experience! Your audience's experience is crucial. We keep the quantity of ads units low, ensuring a smooth browsing experience. Plus, a whopping 93% of our income goes back to our users!

✅ Punctual Payments, Every Time! No more waiting anxiously. We send payments twice a month – on the 1st and 15th day. Once you reach our minimum threshold, expect your money on the upcoming payment day.

📈 Numbers Don't Lie - Join Our Global Success!

Our platform is on a rapid rise, with impressive stats from February 2023:

💥 1,150,000+ links clicked per day

💥 595,000,000+ shortened links in total

💥 17,720,000+ happy users registered

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